" Discover How You Can Create Your Dream Body And A Healthy Lifestyle Without Wasting Time And Money "

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  • Your dream physique in 8 steps

    Discover how you can achieve and maintain results fast in 8 easy steps

  • Fully based on science

    Based on more than 20 international scientific researches

  • Teach your body to burn (more) fat 

    Burn fat in the most effective way, with a simple lifestyle

Now available for €29,95 / $35.90 (including lifetime acces to all the online tools)

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Known from ...

From a self-learned diet to a healthy lifestyle …


That’s the road you will take with this book. You will learn step-by-step how to create your own personal dream physique with a simple, easy-to-sustain lifestyle.

There is a big chance that you have tried diets or other remedies before, but you didn’t succeed or failed to keep up.

‘My Shredded Lifestyle’ is proven to be successful every time, because this lifestyle is based on scientific research and proven methods, and creates a lifestyle that is easy to sustain in the long run. .

So don’t give up on your dream body and goals yet, and read this book first!

Success stories

About the author


Merijn Schoeber is a ‘Youtuber’, also known for his Youtube Channel Student Aesthetics. Merijn started to work on his health and body in 2009, and after a few years decided to drop out of school. In this way, he could completely focus on his body, health and growing Youtube Channel. Soon Merijn found out that reaching his goals and creating his dream body wasn’t as simple as it first seemed. As a result, he did a lot of research to find out what it takes to create your Dream Body in a ‘natural’ way.

All his research has eventually led to the book ‘My Shredded Lifestyle’. This book is the result of more than 6 years of research and experimentation. Both with his book and Youtube Channel, Merijn helps everyone to achieve the same goal. Sharing information with others and helping others to achieve their dreams and goals is his passion. Merijn strives to be a source of inspiration for anyone who shares the same passion!

Order the book now and receive:

Order the book now and receive :

  • The physical book (worth € 29,95 / $35.90)
  • Free Lifetime access to all online tools (worth €14,95 / $17.92)

Total minimum value: : € 44,90 / $53,82

Now available for only: € 29,95 / $35.90

Now available for €29,95 / $35.90 (including lifetime acces to all the online tools)

Please note: this offer is temporary, price will rise soon

Over 20,000 happy customers ...

who made the decision to live a healthier lifestyle and create their dream physique

Bonus 1 – Useful and powerful tools

The book will provide you with enough tools that you may use for FREE as a member of My Shredded Lifestyle.

Bonus 2 – Workout schedules

There are more than enough workout schedules and routines for both men and women included. These are specifically tailored to My Shredded Lifestyle, to get maximum results.

Bonus 3 – Nutrition schemes

Food is an important factor within My Shredded Lifestyle. There are examples of nutrition plans in the book, for both men and women. The book also offers inspiring recipes from delicious meals.

Bonus 4 – Handy progress log

When you follow My Shredded Lifestyle, you’ll want to track your results. A special progress log has been created in order to track all of your personal results.

Now available for €29,95 / $35.90 (including lifetime acces to all the online tools)

Please note: this offer is temporary, price will rise soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book something for me?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it does’nt matter. This book is for anyone who wants to learn and accomplish a healthier lifestyle or his / her dream body.

This book is something for you if you recognize yourself in one of the following:


  • You want to learn how to easily burn off fat
  • You would like to live a healthier life, but don’t know how
  • You have tried several diets, but you haven’t seen any results or are not able to follow through on a diet.
  • You have a busy life, which means that eating good / healthy food is impossible
  • You are a fitness or sports instructor and want to help your customers with a better lifestyle
  • You have found a lot of information on the internet, but don’t know how to put it into practice

What makes this book different from other books?

I can guarantee you that this book is not like any other lifestyle or diet book. This book is a complete and interactive guide that helps you to achieve your shredded lifesyle and / or healthier lifestyle. Unlike other diet books, the methodology explained in this book can be sustained in the long term.

Many people start a diet, but often can not keep up with the diet for the long term. This is because these diets often give certain restrictions, which causes you to almost always fall back into old habits.

With this book I will teach you how to enjoy and retain your dream body in a pleasant way, without too many restrictions, with a method that also has a lot of health benefits.

What is the My Shredded Lifestyle community?

The My Shredded Lifestyle Community is a community in which people from all over the world share their knowledge and experiences with others. It’s also possible to share your personal results with others. This not only boosts your motivation but also helps other people to work with My Shredded Lifestyle.

This community also has a private Facebook group, named MYSL. Additionally, you can share all your results and questions on social media with #MYSL.

To share your passion for My Shredded Lifestyle, we offer you the opportunity to share a personal link with all your friends and family, and earn some money with it too. After you order, you will automatically get more information about this.


Click here to join the MYSL Facebook group

What am I going to learn?

This book is a complete step-by-step manual to achieve your personal dream body and a healthier lifestyle. This book deals with:

  • The basic principles of diets
  • What My Shredded Lifestyle is all about
  • How to apply this lifestyle to your own life
  • The possibilities you have with My Shredded Lifestyle (fat loss, muscle building etc.)
  • Which myths exist about diets /lifestyle and why they are true and not true
  • Which benefits can be achieved with My Shredded Lifestyle
  • A complete step-by-step manual, which explains how to start with MYSL and how you can bring it into practice
  • A complete nutrition manual that teaches you everything about nutrition
  • What refeed and cheat days are
  • How you can drink alcohol and still keep your results
  • Which workouts you can do
  • and much more …..


I can proudly say that this is a very complete book that you can actually get started with. There are assignments in the book that will help you write down your personal goals. After reading the book, you can really get started.

Many books offer you a lot of theory, but lack the practical application. I personally find this the most annoying. That’s why I’ve written a book which is actually useful to you.

How long is shipping time?

Because the book is available worldwide, we have several shipping times. For the shipping time to your country, please check the table below.


Region / Country Delivery time
WEST & SOUTH EUROPE Germany 1-2 days
Austria 2-3 days
Netherlands 1-2 days
Belgium 1-2 days
United Kingdom 2-3 days
France 2-3 days
Italy 2-5 days
Spain 2-5 days
Portugal 3-5 days
NORTH & EAST EUROPE Danmark 2-4 days
Sweden 2-4 days
Finland 3-5 days
Ireland 3-5 days
Poland 2-5 days
Czech Republic 2-5 days
Hungary 3-5 days
Slovakia 3-5 days


Region / Country Delivery time
NON EU Norway 3-7 days
Switserland 2-5 days
USA 5-12 days
Canada 5-12 days
Resto of World 7-31 days

Why didn’t this book got published earlier?

In order to write this book, nearly 6 years of research and experimenting has been done. Also, subjects and lifestyles like these are kept low-profile by the larger players in the food industry. These players only have one goal, and that is selling as much (unhealthy) food as possible. Because Merijn wants to offer a good, rigorous and structured roadmap, sufficient research has been done on all subjects in the book. Everything you read is substantiated with scientific research, combined with personal experiences. You can understand that this has been a time-consuming process, but only benefits the quality of the book.