You can choose a male or female coach and you will be assigned a MYSL Coach which is available. All coaches are certified and trained according to the MYSL conditions. So you don't have to worry that one coach is better than the other.

Guidance from a MYSL Coach is suitable for anyone who has the will and perseverance to achieve a set goal.

A MYSL Coach is for you if you recognize yourself in one or more of the following points:

– You currently apply a diet plan, but find it difficult to achieve your macronutrient goals.

– You currently eat the same food every week and would like more variation in your eating schedule.

– You currently take If It Fits Your Macros as a starting point, but forget to eat 80 percent healthy food.

– You have insufficient support and need more knowledge about nutrition or training.

– You can’t keep getting that coveted six-pack.

– You have already followed several diets, but you still cannot achieve long-term results.

– You find it difficult to set up a suitable training schedule.

– You have no idea what you are doing in the gym.

– You would like to lose weight or gain weight, but with your current lifestyle you will not achieve your goals or slower than expected.

– You simply have no motivation to start.

Do you recognize yourself in one of the above points, then grabbing a MYSL Coach is a good step to start with!

As soon as you have purchased a MYSL Coaching package and have selected a MYSL Coach, you will immediately receive an email with what to do. You will immediately receive the assignment to download the My Shredded Lifestyle App and create an account with a unique code.

Once you have created an account, the MYSL Coach can see that you have chosen him. He will make you a PRO Member and send a private message in the MYSL App. He will then schedule a personal intake with you to discuss your goal and get started.

Yes this is possible. We have the expertise in house to prepare a vegetarian or vegan diet and the associated workouts.

We can understand that not all food is equally tasty. You can indicate this during the personal intake interview and this will be taken into account when drawing up a personal feeding schedule. If you have now passed something that you do not like? No problem! Send your personal coach a message in the MYSL APP and he will adjust it for you.

With the expertise of Merijn Schoeber and the MYSL team, this app has been composed with great care. The MYSL app is for motivation and inspiration. We aim to help you achieve your dream body together with you and our community.

In this app you will find the following parts:

Community: In the app it is possible to get in touch with other community members. This way you can share messages, add friends, but also send private messages. It is also possible to join groups within the community and share your knowledge on various topics. Within the community you can go with all your questions and you will receive an answer in no time.

Challenges: You can take on challenges with other MYSL members. Striving for a goal in the form of a competition often leads to top performances. This makes achieving your goals even more fun and easier. MYSL regularly gives away nice prizes to the winners of challenges.

Feeding schedules: it is possible to use this app to have a tailor-made feeding schedule made by Merijn or a professional nutrition coach from the MYSL team. Nutrition is key to achieving a dream body. Linked calorie and nutrition tracker: the MYSL app is linked to a calorie and nutrition tracker app. This app ensures that you can track all calories and macronutrients of your diet.

Workouts: In this app you will find more than 2000 workouts. During these workouts you can watch explanations and videos about the performance. This means you never have to guess how exactly you will perform a workout.

Training schedules: create your own training schedule via our app or get a personalized training schedule based on your goal. Your personal training schedule is drawn up together with professionals from the MYSL team. It is also possible in the app to compile training schedules and keep a log. Here you can, among other things, keep track of your repetitions and sets.

Agenda: with MYSL we regularly organize fun events where you as a community member can also be. These events are communicated via the agenda. You can also find your planned workouts in the agenda.

Shop: This app has a nice shop, packed with fitness products. Think of a smart scale that works together with our app, all MYSL products, et cetera.

Analysis: “measure = know”. You can now also do this with the MYSL app. Make sure to keep track of your weight and body composition so you can analyze if you are making progress.

Do you want to make achieving your dream body even easier? Or are you looking for professional guidance? Then you are at the right place with one of the MYSL Coaches!

No, once you have opted for 3, 6 or 12 months of coaching, you can no longer cancel this prematurely. So make sure you choose the right time period if you want to start coaching.

Yes, a coach provides a personal schedule based on your lifestyle. If you indicate what your work looks like in the intake, each schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

Due to the lockdowns, it can happen that your gym is closed. We ask this via the intake form and your coach will immediately see which resources you have access to. This way you can achieve a lot of results with home workouts or outdoor training. For a small investment, you can also purchase resistance bands and other tools to perform a quality workout at your own location. Should the gyms reopen, your coach will immediately adjust the schedules in the app!