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I wrote this workout guide because I believe in scientifically tested knowledge and I would like to share this knowledge with all of you. I think it is frustrating that many training schedules are shared and sold that are not relevant to natural (strength) athletes. As you may have noticed before, the fitness market is often driven by advertisements that aim to sell as many products as possible. I absolutely do not support this. For me, it is important to share relevant knowledge with a certain value, so it adds to improving your life.

Partly because of this, I developed a personal motivation for sharing relevant and valuable information about the truths of training, nutrition, and health. I am someone who likes to apply scientifically proven information in practice. In the past seven years I have read many scientific articles and have experimented with different eating patterns and training methods. All my learning experiences and mistakes I then used in the development of My Shredded Lifestyle.

This workout guide is one of the (many) components of My Shredded Lifestyle. In this workout guide I will take you into the world of effective training. This method is not only applicable to the lifestyle of My Shredded Lifestyle, but also to other life patterns and diets. From my own experience I know that this way of training is very effective combined with the intermittent fasting method. After reading this workout guide, you are able to make progress in an effective way, even in the long term.



Is this book meant for you?

Often, I notice that people recognise me from my YouTube channel ‘Merijn’ or my book, ‘My Shredded Lifestyle; The Ultimate Guide To Your Dream Physique’. Most likely, I have not met you yet. That is why I will list some characteristics, which may describe you in part:


  • Currently, you are exercising regularly to build more muscle mass, but the results are disappointing.
  • You are following a training schedule but feel that you are not making progress.
  • You have been exercising for several years, but you still are unable to get an athletic figure.
  • You cannot manage to get that much-desired six-pack.
  • You know that nutrition is important, but you still do not know how to train to gain muscle.
  • You have a busy life and little time, but you still want to be able to do your workouts.
  • You do not have the muscle definition you want.
  • In the summer you like to show off your nice body at the beach.
  • You are a fitness or sports instructor and you want to help your clients with a better and more effective way of training.


This workout guide is not suitable for you if you:

  • Are not willing to change or adjust your current training routines.
  • Have no confidence in science.
  • Only believe what is written in the media and in tabloids.
  • Are unwilling to learn new things.
  • Believe in the use of anabolic steroids.
  • Have the opinion that you can achieve a dream physique in only 3 weeks.


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