My name is Steven Pennings, known as @oneleggedlifter on Instagram. In 2012, I was involved in a serious car accident as a result of a stroke while driving. Because of this accident, I lost my right leg.

This violent incident has had a big impact on my life, both physically and mentally. Fortunately, I did not let it get me down. After the accident, I developed a passion for sports and fitness. That’s why I made the choice to fully concentrate on my passion: fitness!

My Shredded Lifestyle

Merijn and the knowledge from his book ‘My Shredded Lifestyle’ helped me live my passion. I had already been following Merijn for a longer time, via his YouTube channel. Every day his videos have inspired me to fight, to go for my goals and to make something positive out of my life. Then I bought the My Shredded Lifestyle book. Much of the theory in the book was already known to me, but I found it useful to read a clear explanation of intermittent fasting. In my opinion, the book does not only contain theory, but also action. I set to work using the handy step-by-step plan. I am glad I took this step. The My Shredded Lifestyle method helps me achieve my fitness goals.


Meeting Merijn

What’s even better about My Shredded Lifestyle is that Merijn has visited me in real-life. We got to talk about my situation and limitations. When there is someone with a sympathetic ear, this gives a lot of motivation and feels good. From conversations like these I get my inspiration and motivation to keep going, in spite of my impairment.


My dream

This motivation has also created another dream in my life…


I notice that I can encourage people with a similar disability or a lack of motivation to exercise. This is how I can be a living example of positive thinking. Even if things go wrong, always look at the positive aspect! Make sure you do not assume the role of a victim, but always take responsibility for the happiness in your life. This is what I have done and believe me; it makes your life so much better. Instead of complaining why this happened to me, I took action. If you start taking action, you will soon notice that action equals reaction. Take action each day to work on your dreams and these dreams will come closer and closer. I am busy with my dream every day. I hope that one day I can look back on the fact that my dream has become a reality. Furthermore, my goal is to give as many people as possible a peek into my life with my Instagram account and to inspire people who face similar challenges.

Thank you Merijn and My Shredded Lifestyle, for the motivation.



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