My name is Richard Duchon, known on Instagram as @richard_duchon. I have undergone a huge transformation in the past 4 years. During puberty I was relatively big. At that moment I was not ashamed of this – until my uncle made a remark that changed my life. “Richard, you have become pretty fat”. I felt very uncomfortable after this observation. From this moment on, I was determined to create a body that everyone would look up to. 

On the transformation photo you can see the changes that I have undergone in the past 4 years. Unfortunately, you do not see the mistakes and learning moments that occurred in these 1460 days.

Because of my determination, I started eating very little. I wanted to lose as much weight as possible. The desired effect was far from perfect. Without any knowledge or guidance, I thought this was the way to reach my dream physique. With this enormous calorie deficit, I lost 15 kg in six months. My mother realised that things were not going in the right direction for me and sent me to a dietitian. Several studies showed that I had developed an eating disorder. According to the dietitian, it regularly occurs that people with a negative self-image develop eating disorders.


“My Shredded Lifestyle has changed my life”

I was desperate… I did not know how to proceed now. When I met Merijn through his YouTube channel, I contacted him. I fully immersed myself in the My Shredded Lifestyle method to be well-trained and healthy throughout the year.

Soon I was able to make progress, I lost enough fat mass and gained muscle mass. I noticed that every day I became fitter, healthier and stronger. This gave me a lot more confidence and I have been able to enjoy my life again.


The My Shredded Lifestyle method helped me to combine fun and achieving results.

  • I can still be carefree when I go to parties and drink some alcohol there.
  • I have come to look at nutrition differently
  • I can eat much larger meals without getting fat
  • I have achieved a body composition that I could only dream of before

The age difference of the transformation is only 4 years. In my opinion everything is possible in life, as long as you have the right knowledge, tools and perseverance!

Furthermore, my goal with my Instagram account is now to show as many people as possible that you can still have a dream physique with this flexible lifestyle.

Thank you very much for all the knowledge and inspiration and I hope that I too can be a source of inspiration for many.



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