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  • Including complete workout routines

    With both workout ebooks, you get a complete plan made up of 2 phases and a deload week

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Short story about myself…


Perhaps you don’t know me yet, so let me introduce myself …

My name is Merijn Schoeber and I am a fitness influencer on YouTube and other social media channels.

What typifies me is that I genuinely love fitness and I love hard work and achieving goals.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the best genes for a trained body and I don’t only have to work hard, but also work smart.

This smart working goes hand in hand with strategic eating, but also with strategic training. I have noticed that too many people just do something in the gym, so they don’t get results …

This is such a shame because apart from achieving little to no results, it also costs these people a lot of time and energy! If something is important in this world, then it is time. Because time can never be recovered!

That is why I have developed 2 workout ebooks to save you this precious time so that you don’t have to experience all the mistakes that I and hundreds of clients have gone through 🙂

Read below the structure of my Ebooks ...

The most complete manual for optimal muscle growth


I have developed a 4 and 5 day workout program for the natural strength athlete, who wants to get the most out of himself. All described knowledge is supported by scientific and practical experience.

Both Ebooks consist of a workout phase 1 (6 weeks), 1 Deload week and phase 2 (6 weeks). If you follow this program, results are guaranteed!

Read below what you can learn from both ebooks:

  • Introduction
  • FAQ with  Merijn
  • Conducting the program
  • Phase 1 program
  • Deload week
  • Phase 2 program
  • Abs workout program
  • RPE Scale
  • Measure progression
  • And much more…

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With ALL books from My Shredded Lifestyle you learn step by step how to reach your dream body with a lifestyle that is easy to maintain.

There is a good chance that you have tried this before with diets or other remedies, but that you did not succeed then or that you were unable to sustain it.

‘My Shredded Lifestyle’, however, delivers success every single time, because this lifestyle is based on scientific research and proven methods and can also be sustained in the long term.

So don’t give up on achieving your dream physique and goals, but read our books first!

PS. The first book from MYSL is a real bestseller and 50,000 copies have been sold in 165+ countries worldwide 🙂


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With this super deal, you get access to all 3 workout E-books from My Shredded Lifestyle. In these E-books, you learn how to achieve maximum muscle growth as a natural athlete.

The upper / lower guide will teach you everything about training, hypertrophy, the number of repetitions, volume and much more!

The 4 and 5 day workout program teaches you the ultimate workout program with a build-up phase, a deload week and a finishing phase.

If you have the knowledge, do you naturally want to test this in practice?

For the proper execution of the exercises and the prevention of injuries, we have put the MYSL fitness gear on the market.

With the right quality products, you will prevent injuries in the gym, so that your body can handle these heavy workouts better!

With this package, you get 3 workout Ebooks + knee sleeves, wrist wraps and free straps from us!

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Three MYSL Workout E-books + 8 Weeks Nutrition Plan …


The upper / lower e-book is a complete guide to the ultimate (natural) muscle growth and has been specially developed for the natural strength athlete, who wants to get the most out of himself. All described knowledge is supported by scientific and practical experience.

In addition to the well-explained upper / lower program, you also get access to our 4 and 5-day workout program, in which you learn what an RPE scale means and much more + ready-made workouts!

In addition to all the workout knowledge of the e-books, it is possible that you know nothing at all about nutrition. While nutrition is very important for achieving a dream body!

Hence you can purchase all our workout e-books with this super deal + an 8-week feeding schedule in the MYSL APP. If you order this package, you will receive a personal intake form with all the details of our method by e-mail 🙂

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